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  • Legal Business Name, Legal Business Address.
  • Legal Business Structure.
  • Company Ownership Info.
  • Financial and Web Admin Contact Info.
  • Company Business , Billing and Shipping Addresses
  • Federal Tax ID
    • Enter Federal Tax ID # issued to your business (this is the same # used to file your payroll and income taxes).
    • IF sole proprietorship Or Partnership and you have NOT been issued a Federal Tax ID THEN please contact and a representative will contact you within 24 business hours.


Acceptable Proof of Reseller Tax Exemption 

  • Please CLICK HERE regarding the proof of reseller tax exemption requirements and forms 
  • Make sure you have your state registration number, seller permit number, or ID number of purchaser on hand to complete the application


Banking References and Flooring Information

To learn more about requirements and assistance with Resale Tax documents , Click HERE

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